Project Object

idStringA unique identifier for the Project.
company_idStringA unique identifier for the Company the Project belongs to
creator_idStringThe id of the entity that created the Project
creator_typeStringThe type of the entity that created the Project
creator_nameStringThe display name of the entity that created the Project
statusStringIndicates the status of the Project. It will be active or deleted
nameStringThe title of the Project
addressAddressThe physical address of the Project
coordinatesCoordinateThe latitude and longitude of the Project
feature_imageArray[ImageURI]A list of images for the different variants of the Project’s feature image. Will have entries for original, web, and thumbnail.
project_urlStringThe URL to the Project in the web app
public_urlStringThe URL to the project's public timeline
embedded_project_urlStringThe URL to an embeddable photo feed for the Project
integrationsArray[ProjectIntegration]A list of integrations associated with the Project
primary_contactContactThe primary contact for the Project
slugStringA unique identifier use the Project that is used to construct some public URLs
publicBooleanIndicates whether the Project’s timeline and other public features are enabled
notepadStringThe Project's notepad or description
geofenceArray[Coordinate ]The Project’s geofence coordinates that form an enclosing perimeter. The order is implicit and MUST form a polygon.
created_atIntegerTimestamp when the Project was created
updated_atIntegerTimestamp when the Project was last updated