Defining the current user

We've updated our API docs with information on how to designate a different user as the "creator" or "editor" within certain endpoints.

Webhook retry logic

We have added details around our webhook retry logic which you can find here under "Retries"


Add tags when uploading a photo to a project

We added the ability to pass tags as a body parameter in the Create Project Photo endpoint.


Description for Photos

We have added the description to the Photo type.

Add a checklist to project

We have added new endpoints to easily add checklists to a project from a template.

Removing permissions for project collaborators

We no longer support passing permissions when inviting a new collaborator to a project. Instead, all collaborators have the same permissions.

Invite collaborators to a project

We have added new endpoints to invite collaborators to a project via the API:

Assign users to a project

We have added new endpoints to add or remove assigned users to projects.

Update the project notepad

We have added the ability to update the project notepad for a project.

List and create project comments

We have added 2 new endpoints to list and create project comments.