The Photo Object

idStringThe unique ID for the photo
company_idStringA unique ID for the Company that captured the Photo
creator_idStringThe unique ID of the Entity that captured the Photo
creator_typeStringThe type of Entity that captured the Photo
creator_nameStringThe display name of the Entity that captured the Photo
project_idStringThe unique ID of the project the Photo was captured at
processing_statusStringIndicates the Photo’s processing status. It will one of pending, processing, processed, processing_error, or duplicate
coordinatesCoordinateThe coordinates where the Photo was captured
urisArray[ImageURI]A list of URIs for the different size variants of the photo. The list will have entries for original, web, and thumbnail. If the photo has been annotated it will contain entries for original_annotation, web_annotation, and thumbnail_annotation.
hashStringThe MD5 hash of the photo
descriptionStringThe description of the Photo
internalBooleanIndicates whether the photo is for internal use only and should not be used in marketing or other public materials
captured_atIntegerTimestamp when the Photo was captured
created_atIntegerTimestamp when the photo was created on the server. This may differ from the captured_at field.
updated_atIntegerTimestamp when the photo was last updated
photo_urlStringThe link to the photo in the web app