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Retrieve answers submitted to a checklist

Hello. I am able to get what looks like the meta data for a checklist from the API "Retrieve Project Checklist". How can I get the answers a user submitted? Thank you.

Is it possible to get a checklist doc (pdf) via the API?

Is it possible to get a checklist doc (pdf) via the API by referencing the company cam project ID?

Reports via API

Been poking around for a bit, but I'm not seeing anything to do with Reports in the API docs. Will this be added at some point?

Can the ability to update a contact on an existing project be added?

I've noticed I can create a new contact when creating a project but there seems to be no way (based on the OAS file, web docs, and personal experimentation) to update the contact once the project is created.

Deep Links Not Opening Project All The Time

We have started implementing deep links (eg: ccam://projects/12345678) in our Jobber notes to let our crews jump directly to that project in the CompanyCam app on their Android phones. Initially this seemed to work, however we are discovering that there are times when the link simply takes the user to the CompanyCam app main screen, but not directly in to the project. We are using Zapier to pre-create the projects when a Request is created in Jobber, so the links are always valid. It appears that is CompanyCam is closed and the link is tapped, it works fine. If CompanyCam is already open, that's when we seem to have issues. PowerApps have this issue as well, and it is apparently a result of the way Android handles open apps. They implemented a URL modifier to force the app to restart. Has anyone else encountered this with CompanyCam?

Keep getting "Internal server error, try again shortly"

In post requests to create a new project in zoho crm's deluge i keep getting a "Internal server error, try again shortly" error. This has worked for other scenarios so I don't know what the issue is. Please help if you know the issue. header = Map(); header.put("accept", "application/json"); header.put("authorization", "Bearer -------------------------------------------"); header.put("content-type", "application/json"); address = Map(); address.put("street_address_1", street); address.put("city", city); address.put("state", state); address.put("postal_code", zip); projectDetails = Map(); projectDetails.put("name", fName + " " + lName); projectDetails.put("address", address); response = invokeurl [ url: "https://api.companycam.com/v2/projects" type: POST parameters: projectDetails headers: header ]; info response; I know there is now a company cam integration with zoho but i would prefer to do it this way

GET Projects Retrieves Deleted Projects

Is it expected behavior for a GET request on the list projects route would return projects that have been deleted and if so is there a way to filter them out in the query?

Possible scope values for webhook endpoints

I can't find the possible scope values for the webhook create/update endpoints. Spent about 15 minutes - can someone tell me what they are? This stuff should 100% be easy to find in the documentation

Possible OpenAPI spec amendments?

Hi, I've come across a few possible inaccuracies in the [OpenAPI spec](https://github.com/CompanyCam/openapi-spec). I use it for unit testing my [Python client](https://github.com/ely-as/python-companycam), and the following discrepancies bubbled up from failed tests: Paths: - `deleteProjectLabel`: The [success response](https://github.com/CompanyCam/openapi-spec/blob/b60e8f0aa90ae8293fad9e39f02e15d3e77f77bb/openapi.yaml#L1350) is `204 No Content`, but the API returns a list of (updated) `Tag` objects. Components: - `Photo` has a [property named `urls`](https://github.com/CompanyCam/openapi-spec/blob/b60e8f0aa90ae8293fad9e39f02e15d3e77f77bb/openapi.yaml#L3005), but the API returns a property named `uris`. - `ImageURI` has a [property named `uri`](https://github.com/CompanyCam/openapi-spec/blob/b60e8f0aa90ae8293fad9e39f02e15d3e77f77bb/openapi.yaml#L3169), but the API returns a property named `url`.

Missing Project ID in Comments Webhook JSON.

I am missing the Project ID when my comments Webhook fires it JSON. Without the link I am not able to attach it to the project.