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Can I create a project using JavaScript with only an address and no Lat/Long?

I am trying to help a client with automation and I want to write javascript so that it uses his API key to create a new project when a client approves their estimate. It looks like lat and long coordinates are a required field however, and their CRM does not calculate or store lat/long, only their address.

re-enable webhook

I'm writing to report an issue with the webhook functionality in our current CompanyCam integration. The script tasked with handling webhook requests seems to be unintentionally deactivating the webhook upon receiving a request. <br>

How to disconnect my company Account from my integration account ?

I'm integrating companyCam with my application , so I've succeeded to set OAuth2.0 , but I can't find how to disconnect my CompanyCam Account ? Do you have an API ? Or how to do it ? <br>

Should photos object have URLS or URIS field?

Docs do not match the actual return type <https://docs.companycam.com/reference/listprojectphotos> photos object has "urls" in docs and "uris" in response

OAuth Credentials

How much time do you provide the OAuth credentials after the request ?

Need help in recovering an accidently deleted Project

I accidently deleted a project trying to delete the report. Need assistance, please?

Access to Photo Description field

Your last entry in the changelog declared that you had added "Description" to the Photo data. Is this for responses only? Or can we now add Description text to a photo via the API? It would be extremely helpful if a method for adding Description text was available through the API.

Is there a way to view checklist reponses via the API?

Is there a way to view checklist reponses via the API? From what I can see, you can only access meta-data.

Getting Project Count Per Company

How would I go about getting the total number of active non-deleted projects for a company? I would think it should be a part of the "Retrieve Company" GET, but it is not.

API - Access Videos

Is there a way to access videos through a project api request? I am able to see photos taken but no videos come through