Partnering with CompanyCam

We provide a partnership program for companies that would like to let other CompanyCam customers use their integration. Our mission is to make CompanyCam the most accessible field data capture tool in the market, and that requires amazing partners to help us connect customers to all of their software.

If you're just looking to build an integration for your own team and don't want to publish the integration publicly, check out our Core API overview.

There is no fee to publish an integration on our partner network, but we do expect a commitment to maintaining and supporting your integration. We want to make sure our mutual customers have the best possible experience. If we feel like that commitment isn't being met, we reserve the right to unpublish your integration.

Creating your developer account

You'll need a CompanyCam account in order to begin developing with CompanyCam. If you don't already have a CompanyCam account, you can signup for a free development account.

You can also use your existing CompanyCam account and build your integration that way. Both account types will provide you with the functionality you need to test your integration.

Developer Support

If you encounter any technical issues using the Core API, feel free to reach out to the integrations team at [email protected]. We love to hear feedback or suggestions as well, so don't hesitate to drop us an email.

Becoming an integration partner

1. Start building

Check out our getting started page to begin building your integration. Partner integrations are required to use OAuth if at all possible. If you need OAuth credentials for a developer account, please fill out this form, and our team will be happy to send you your keys.

2. Submit your integration

Once your integration is built and tested, and you’re ready to submit an application to be included in our integration marketplace, fill out this form with the required information. This will allow our team to test the integration as well as collect any necessary marketing assets and launch information. Once your integration has been approved, our team will reach out with next steps.

3. Provide ongoing support

We want to make sure our mutual customers have the best possible experience. So we expect a commitment to support and maintain your integration while it's publicly available. If any users have issues with the integration, we'll shoot them your way so you can help them out.

You're done! After your integration is launched, we'll reach out with any relevant co-marketing opportunities or updates. You da best.