Getting Started


The Core API uses an API token to authenticate its user.

In order to communicate with the API, you must send the token in the Authorization header of the request. CompanyCam uses a Bearer Token to authorize the request, so make sure you prepend your token with Bearer like in the example below:

curl --request GET \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer [API_TOKEN]'

There are two ways you can get a token to call the API— by directly generating an access token through the CompanyCam app here or through OAuth.

If you are just building an integration for your own account or quickly want to start using the API to play around with— an Access Token would be the way to go. For Partners wanting to publish their integrations to other CompanyCam users, you'll need to support OAuth. Check out our OAuth guide for more details.


If you use Postman for API testing, we have provided a collection you can download to begin using the API right away.

To get a token to call the API, you can have Postman go through the OAuth flow for you. Follow this guide to authenticate via the OAuth Authorization Code flow.

OpenAPI Spec

You can download the current OAS YAML file for the API here.