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Access to Photo Description field

Your last entry in the changelog declared that you had added "Description" to the Photo data. Is this for responses only? Or can we now add Description text to a photo via the API? It would be extremely helpful if a method for adding Description text was available through the API.

Is there a way to view checklist reponses via the API?

Is there a way to view checklist reponses via the API? From what I can see, you can only access meta-data.

Getting Project Count Per Company

How would I go about getting the total number of active non-deleted projects for a company? I would think it should be a part of the "Retrieve Company" GET, but it is not.

API - Access Videos

Is there a way to access videos through a project api request? I am able to see photos taken but no videos come through

Is there a way to add a task with the API

This will be super helpful to be able to create project related tasks

When do access tokens expire?

I have a Zapier webhook to retrieve data from CompanyCam and edit labels, but the access token keeps expiring and I have to keep updating it every time I run a Zap. How often do they refresh and is there a way to avoid this??

Delete company webhook.

Hello, I am reaching out to inquire about the availability of a webhook when a company is deleted on CompanyCam. I recently encountered a situation where I connected my ConstructionClock company to CompanyCam. After deleting my account on CompanyCam I still sent webhooks as accounts were synced and received errors. However, when attempting to disconnect the account, I encountered a 401 error, specifically an "Unauthorized" issue. Unfortunately, this prevents me from deleting webhooks. Could you please provide information on whether CompanyCam has a webhook feature for company deletions? Additionally, if there are any suggestions or solutions to address the 401 error during the account disconnection process, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Deeplink with tag parameter?

Is it possible to utilize the camera deeplink while passing in a tag? For example, something like: ccam://camera/PROJECT_ID/DEEPLINK_URI?tag=TAG_ID The idea being we want the photos taken to all be taken with a specific tag.

Retrieve answers submitted to a checklist

Hello. I am able to get what looks like the meta data for a checklist from the API "Retrieve Project Checklist". How can I get the answers a user submitted? Thank you.

Is it possible to get a checklist doc (pdf) via the API?

Is it possible to get a checklist doc (pdf) via the API by referencing the company cam project ID?