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Understanding geofence coordinates

I have been mapping Project geofence data to a leaflet map. However, I now realize that the APIs "projects" endpoint only delivers this data for a single project (It appears to be the first project we created). And even with that project, edits to the geofence data are only reflected in the CompanyCam web UI and not the API. And no other projects contain any data in the APIs geofence property. But I do see it in the web UI.

Returning Total Pages / Total Count

Would it be possible to add the total pages and total record count to API responses like /photos? Or maybe I'm missing something similar? Right now we have to make an extra API request to see if the next page will return any results. Thanks!

how to get credentials?

Where can I find my client id?

Project List Max Output

Hi, I am calling on the API from Power BI for a dashboard I am building but am having a problem with the Projects List. No matter what I set the 'per_page' query as (i.e. 100000) [while omitting the 'page' query], I get a maximum of 50 projects in the output. Is this something I am not doing properly or a limitation in this API call? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Where I can get link to REST PHP API

Do you have a PHP library or Code Sample or REST API?

Collaboration Links

I'd like to have an automation where a collaboration url link is created and the link is accessible so I can input that url into a note in my CRM. Is there anyway to currently achieve this using webhooks or custom API?

GET Projects Retrieves Deleted Projects

Is it expected behavior for a GET request on the list projects route would return projects that have been deleted and if so is there a way to filter them out in the query?

Photo Description Question

I do not see the Photo description being available in the API. Is there a way to integrate and pull the description?

Un-delete a project?

I deleted some projects, not knowing the link to the photos would no longer work. Is there a way to un-delete a project, or is there a trash somewhere?

"Update Photo" API endpoint only udates "internal" property of a photo?

I'm not sure I understand the "Update Photo" API endpoint, https://api.companycam.com/v2/photos/{id}. It accepts an object which would lead me to assume that we can update various properties of a photo. The example for the API only demonstrates the "internal" property being changed, and that's indeed the only property that I am able to update. That would seem just a bit unusual as it accepts an object not just a true/false property. Id really like to add my own properties to the photo object, like "price". Possible?