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Invite Guests to Projects Using API

Is there anyway to invite guests to a project to upload photos using the API? We have around 800 sub contractors and over 50 internal employees and are considering using Company Cam. We need to be able to integrate with our CRM and invite our subcontractors to projects using the API as the projects will be automatically created from our CRM once the service is scheduled on our end.

what is company cam api address

api adress

Suddenly seeing CORS based API rejections

We are suddenly seeing rejections to our API requests through Chrome and Edge. This is a critical problem for us now. Have the CORS policies changed?

Embedding Project Map

Hello, I'm looking for a way to embed the project map (https://app.companycam.com/map) with pins into a website. I can see a way of pulling individual coordinates and inserting them into a map, but that method gets a little messy. Is there a way of getting to the project map directly? Thanks,

Tracking photo deletes via webhook

I dont see any way to have webhook set on delete - has anyone come up with best way to handle? Is there a specific query to show deleted photos that could then delete in other systems being kept in sync?

Project Label API

My API endpoint, "Project | Add Labels" (POST https://api.companycam.com/v2/projects/{project_id}/labels) returns confusing results. It seems to return JSON of existing Labels and does not actually add the Label I post. Can you please help? See screen capture: https://static.companycam.com/lambda/projects/35603471/photos/aHR0cHM6Ly9jb21wYW55Y2FtLXBlbmRpbmcuczMuYW1hem9uYXdzLmNvbS83YzMzMmEwMS05OGI1LTRmYjYtYmE3ZC0wYmE2MjFkMzk5YjcuUE5H.jpeg?d=2880x2880&degrade=true

Collaboration Links

I'd like to have an automation where a collaboration url link is created and the link is accessible so I can input that url into a note in my CRM. Is there anyway to currently achieve this using webhooks or custom API?

Where I can get link to REST PHP API

Do you have a PHP library or Code Sample or REST API?

"Add Photo" - What is "uri"?

The "Project > Add Photo" endpoint expects an "uri" field in the body. What is that supposed to be, or where do I get it from? Can I use a "data:..." URI? The API could use some description here and there.

Returning Total Pages / Total Count

Would it be possible to add the total pages and total record count to API responses like /photos? Or maybe I'm missing something similar? Right now we have to make an extra API request to see if the next page will return any results. Thanks!