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Keep getting "Internal server error, try again shortly"

In post requests to create a new project in zoho crm's deluge i keep getting a "Internal server error, try again shortly" error. This has worked for other scenarios so I don't know what the issue is. Please help if you know the issue.

    header = Map();
header.put("accept", "application/json");
header.put("authorization", "Bearer -------------------------------------------");
header.put("content-type", "application/json");

address = Map();
address.put("street_address_1", street);
address.put("city", city);
address.put("state", state);
address.put("postal_code", zip);
projectDetails = Map();
projectDetails.put("name", fName + " " + lName);
projectDetails.put("address", address);

response = invokeurl
	url: "https://api.companycam.com/v2/projects"
	type: POST
	parameters: projectDetails
	headers: header
info response;

I know there is now a company cam integration with zoho but i would prefer to do it this way