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Dynamic Value for query (Get Project)

I am trying to get a project via Make (Integromat) but need to dynamically populate the query to filter the get project request.

If I enter the query manually (as in manually type in "660 Glenrock" for the query), it will only return the project "660 Glenrock" if it exists. However when I try to dynamically populate the search query in Integromat, it sends an Input Value of "null" for the query effectively bypassing the filter.

"ca": null,
"qs": [
"name": "query",
"value": null
"url": "https://api.companycam.com/v2/projects",
"gzip": true,
"method": "get",
"headers": [
"name": "Authorization",
"value": "Bearer Gb-KVU2YyDeyq4fFjhJuR18vVsrPxr7eHC_sRqwMUsY"
"timeout": null,
"useMtls": false,
"bodyType": null,
"serializeUrl": false,
"shareCookies": false,
"parseResponse": true,
"followRedirect": true,
"useQuerystring": false,
"followAllRedirects": false,
"rejectUnauthorized": true